Chicken roulades with potato crisp and hollandaise sauce

This pretty dish is delicious and very nutritious with all the green herbs! Chives and parsley goes well togetber but you can also add some dill.
Chicken roulades
Potato crisps
Hollandaise sauce
Fresh chives, approx 30g (1.06 oz)
Fresh parsley, approx 30g (1.06 oz)

Ingredients 4 servings

Chicken roulades
800 g (28.22 oz) chicken fillets
300 g (10.58 oz) onion
50 g (1.76 oz) butter
6 g (0.21 oz) salt

Potato crisp
92 g (3.25 oz) potatoes
24 g (0.85 oz) butter
2 g (0.07 oz) salt
8 g (0.28 oz) potato starch

Hollandaise sauce
80 g (2.82 oz) egg yolks
40 ml (1.35 fl oz) water
20 ml (0.68 fl oz) white wine vinegar or lemon juice
260 g (9.17 oz) butter
3 g (0.11 oz) salt


Chicken roulades
Slice the onions very thin and fry them with the salt in 25 g (0.88 oz) of the butter.
Pound the chicken fillets.
Scatter the onions onto the pounded chicken. Roll into a roulade. Tie with cotton twine.
Put the roulades with the seam down in the same pan you fried the onions in. Add the remaining 25 g (0.88 oz) butter and some water.
Fry the roulades on medium heat, with a lid, until they have an inner temperature of 80° C (176 degrees Fahrenheit).

Potato crisp
Preheat the oven to 160° C (320 degrees Fahrenheit)
Boil the potatoes until soft and then drain and chill them.
Mix all the ingredients in a food processor until smooth.
Refrigerate the mix for 10-30 minutes.
Smear some of the paste in a thin layer on baking paper. Use a bench scraper or an offset spatula.
Drape the baking paper over ring molds.
Bake until golden, approximately 15-20 minutes depending on how thick and big you made the shapes.
Let the crisps cool on the baking paper before you carefully take them off.

Hollandaise sauce
Boil some water in a small pan. Put a heat proof bowl over the pan to create a water bath.
Melt the butter in a pot.
Keep the butter warm while preparing the eggs.
Add the egg yolks, water and white wine vinegar to the bowl and stir. Cook over the water bath, while stirring, until the mixture reaches 72° C (161.6 degrees Fahrenheit). If the egg yolk starts to curdle before reaching that temperature, just add some cold water and continue whisking.
Take the bowl off the heat and whisk in the melted butter, a little by little.
Add Salt to taste.

Chop the parsley and chives very fine.
Trim the ends of the chicken roulades. Take off the twine.
Smear a little hollandaise sauce around the roulades and roll them in the chopped herbs.
Smear the hollandaise sauce on the plate.
Place the roulade on to the sauce.
Dip the potato crisp in some sauce and stick it on top of the roulade.
Decorate with a parsley leaf.