Pulled veal on toast served with pickled beetroots

This dish is a nice starter or it can even be served as a lunch. The pickled beetroots are crispy but translucent since they are sliced so thin!
Pulled veal
Pickled beetroots
Toast loaf
Butter, softened

Ingredients 4 servings

Pulled veal
700 g (24.69 oz) veal
2,5 litres water
25 g (0.88 oz) salt
75 g (2.65 oz) carrots
150 g (5.29 oz) onions
75 g (2.65 oz) celery
10 whole black pepper corns

Pickled beetroots
2 beetroots
50 g (1.76 oz) onions
60 ml (2.03 fl oz) apple cider vinegar
120 g (4.23 oz) sugar
20 ml (0.68 fl oz) water

Toast loaf
12 g (0.42 oz) fresh yeast
250 ml (8.45 fl oz) milk
400 g (14.11 oz) wheat flour
4 g (0.14 oz) sugar
7 g (0.25 oz) salt
50 g (1.76 oz) butter, unsalted


Pulled veal
Use a large pot to fry the carrots, onions and celery until softened.
Add the cold water.
Add the veal.
Bring the stock to a boil and then turn the heat down.
Skim off foam that rises to the surface.
Let the stock simmer for 2 hours, partially covered with a lid.
Cool the stock and veal. Refrigerate it until it is cold.
Shred the meat and put it into a bowl.
Moisten the meat with some of the stock.

Pickled beetroots
Peel and slice the beetroots as thin as possible on a mandoline.
Bring the onions, apple cider vinegar, water and sugar to a boil.
Add the beetroots to the vinegar.
Set aside to cool.

Toast loaf
Add the yeast to the cold milk and stir to dissolve it.
Add all the other ingredients and knead for 8 minutes.
Cover the bowl and let the dough rise for 1 hour.
Grease a loaf pan with soft butter.
Press and fold the dough gently and shape it into a log.
Put the dough into the loaf pan, cover and let it rise for 1 hour. Preheat an oven to 175° C (347 degrees Fahrenheit).
Bake the loaf for 20 minutes or until the bread has an inner temperature of 94° C (201.2 degrees Fahrenheit).
Let the loaf cool down before slicing it.

Slice and toast the bread. Trim the crust.
Smear some butter on the toast.
Put some pulled veal on the toast and then top with some beetroots.