This cookie styled cake is a treat from the county of Skåne in southern Sweden. Those cakes are made with special equipment, but this recipe lets you get the same flavour at home.

Cake with berries and cream

This is one of the most loved cakes in Sweden. It has so much potential to make your own style on it. Use any fruit or berries you want on top! The traditional ones have strawberries or mixed berries on top.

Meringue, ice cream and chocolate dessert

This dessert recipe is a grown up version of every kid´s favourite “Swedish marängsviss” Couverture chocolate means that there are enough cocoa butter in the chocolate to make it set in a nice way after you have melted it.

Candy cane ice cream

Here you have a Swedish “polkagris” in the form of an ice cream! Polkagris is translated to candy cane in English. With a royal icing sculpture you can make any dessert a true masterpiece.