Chocolate balls rolled in coconut

These treats are a real crowd pleaser when it comes to kids! You can roll them in pearl sugar, coconut flakes or in sprinkles for an authentic Swedish chocolate ball mix. They are very quick and easy to make too!

Mulled wine and saffron buns

Saffron buns are served in Sweden every December. You can get them without the saffron too, but then there is cardamom in it. If you want to try the cardamom version, add 6g cardamom powder to the dough.

Princess cake pastries

This mini version of the Swedish classic princess cake makes a perfect treat! You get to learn how to make your own marzipan. Because the cakes are small, they are easier to cover with the marzipan too! The marzipan is colored naturally with strawberry syrup. Completely additive free!