Herring burger

Here you have a different kind of burger! It is the Swedish version with herring and mustard dressing. You also have a yummy hamburger bun recipe with (or without) sesame seeds.

Fish gratin

A yummy gratin that both kids and adults love. You can use any fish you like for this dish. If you want you can make one big gratin instead of portion sized dishes.

Shrimp toast

This big shrimp toast is a Swedish classic, especially on the west coast where they catch fresh shrimp. If you think the sandwich is too big, you can make shrimp canapés of them too! Use the same components but make them in a smaller version.

Pea soup

A traditional Swedish pea soup is served on Thursdays with pancakes. Decorate with pea shoots for a gourmet look! Make the the soup as thin as you like by adding more water.