Sponge cake with orange glaze and candied orange peels

These bite-sized pastries are perfect on a dinner party tray! The guests can pick up as many as they want and don´t need a spoon to eat them.
Sponge cake
Orange icing
Candied orange zest

Ingredients 4 servings

Sponge cake
200 g (7.05 oz) eggs
100 g (3.53 oz) sugar
200 g (7.05 oz) wheat flour
100 g (3.53 oz) unsalted butter

Orange icing
200 g (7.05 oz) icing sugar
40 ml (1.35 fl oz) orange juice

Candied orange
2 oranges
300 ml (10.14 fl oz) water
300 ml (10.14 fl oz) sugar


Sponge cake
Preheat oven to 180° C (356 degrees Fahrenheit) and grease a large square cake tin with soft butter.
Melt the butter and set aside to cool.
Whip the eggs and sugar until the mixture has tripled in volume and is light and fluffy.
Sift the flour and fold it carefully into the egg mixture until just incorporated.
Fold in the butter.
Pour the batter into the cake tin, the batter should be approximately 2 cm high.
Bake for 20 minutes or until the cake feel spongy upon light pressure.
Cool the cake completely before assembly.

Candied orange zest
Bring 200 ml (6.76 fl oz) water to the boil
Peel the oranges and trim of some of the white pith, leaving 3-4 mm pith. Save the orange for the icing.
Chop the zest into small dice.
Boil the zest for 2 minutes and sieve. Repeat this boiling process one more time.
Mix the sugar and water for the syrup and bring to a boil. Put in the orange zest and simmer
for 15 minutes.
Sieve and put the candied zests on a baking mat to cool.

Orange icing
Squeeze the leftover orange from the candied orange zest. Pour it into a bowl.
Pour some of the icing sugar into the bowl and whisk.
Continue to add icing sugar until the icing is thick enough for the whisk to leave trails in the icing.

Cut the sponge cake into bite size pieces.
Dip the pieces one by one in the orange icing. Put them onto a wire rack.
Sprinkle some candied orange zest on top.
Let the cake bites dry for 30-40 minutes before serving.